Welcome to the Finn Lab

Our research is broadly focused on the cognitive, motivational, and neural processes associated with the self-regulatory problems that are characteristic of externalizing psychopathology, and substance use disorders more specifically. We are particularly interested in the factors that underlie risky and impulsive decision making in this population, such as the role of executive working memory, different types of incentives and disincentives, personality, social context, and brain networks. Our current work investigates mechanisms by which risky and impulsive decision making can be modified or improved via training or other experimental manipulations.

Our research is interdisciplinary and involves collaborations with Cognitive Scientists, such as Dr. Thomas Redick at Purdue University, Dr Jerome Busemeyer in Psychological and Brain Sciences at IU, Cognitive Neuroscientists, such as Drs. Thomas James and Joshua Brown in Psychological and Brain Sciences at IU, and Child Psychiatrists, such as Dr. Leslie Hulvershorn at the Indiana University Medical School. Our research is funded by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, grant #5R01 AA13650.

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